• The North Shore Historical Museum

    Preserving Yesterday for Tomorrow

    The Justices Court building in Glen Cove.

    The year 2007 celebrated the centennial of our home, the Justices Court Building in Glen Cove. Sterling Glen of Glen Cove donated this historic building to the North Shore Historical Museum and renovation of the building is nearly complete. The Courthouse, built in 1907, is listed on the State and National Register of Historic Places and is the ideal permanent home for the North Shore Historical Museum.

    The Museum's mission is to preserve the history of the North Shore of Long Island through the stewardship of its collections and historic structure — the 1907 Justices Courthouse — to engage the public, and to interpret the history of the North Shore, in particular the area once known as the “Gold Coast”, through exhibitions, lectures, and programs.

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    North Shore Historical Museum

    PO Box 217

    140 Glen Street

    Glen Cove, NY 11542-0217

    Telephone: (516) 801-1191 — Fax: (516) 656-9725

    Email: Director@northshorehistoricalmuseum.org

    B O A R D    M E M B E R S
    President - Georgie Connett
    Vice President - Rhoda Finer
    Vice President - Eve Califano
    Treasurer - Dave Nieri
    Secretary - Carolyn Willson

    F O U N D I N G    T R U S T E E S
    Brian Mercadante, President Emeritus
    Susan Challender

    John McKay
    Carol Nelson
    Burt Singer
    Amy Tabor

    H O N O R A R Y    T R U S T E E S
    Hon. Charles Lavine
    Hon. Carl L. Marcellino
    Hon. Joseph McCann
    Hon. Richard McCord
    Hon. Reginald Spinello

    M U S E U M    A S S O C I A T E S
    Molly Clark
    Janice Deegan
    Jan Guga
    Francine Koehler
    Monica Randall
    James Smiros
    Carol Stern
    Penny Zaleta

            Lily Bacotti

    Chris Brooks

            Victoria Crosby

    Linda Darby

            John DiMascio

    Dr. Richard Harris

            Michael Jansen

    Nicole Menchise

            Brian Mercadante

    Barry Rivadue

            Jonathan Sherman

    Robert Staada

            Dr. Irina Sushko

    Tiana Taliep

    Museum Director - Amy Driscoll