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 Photos and Postcards
from Collection of
Richard J. Reynolds


A view of the Pavilion Hotel in 1867, located in what is now Morgan Park. The Pavilion Hotel
was owned by William M. Weeks, a noted NYC attorney and resident of Glen Cove.
The point of land marking the NE corner of Hempstead Harbor is called Weeks Point.
The Pavilion Hotel existed from 1835 to 1880, when it burned to the ground in a spectacular fire.
(submitted by Richard J. Reynolds)

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Original location of New York Yacht Club's Yacht Station No. 10 at the base of the jetty in what is today
Morgan Memorial Park
Early colorized postcard showing the New York Yacht Club Station 10 at the Foot of McLaughlin Street

Early 20th century sailboats of the NYYC
View from the base of the Hempstead Harbor breakwater

One of J.P. Morgan's many yachts named CORSAIR,
at anchor off what is now Garvies Point Preserve

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The Landing Cemetery

Near the Landing water tank, adjacent to Landing School, lies a small cemetery where family members of Glen Cove's founders lie. It is not really accessible because it is within the fenced boundary surrounding the water tank, and perhaps because of this it appears to be kept clear of brush and in respectable condition.

The cemetery is shown in red at the end of Garvie Avenue (now McLoughlin Street) on this 1873 map of Glen Cove.

Thanks to Michelle Kutner for the photos of some of the still-legible headstones.



The Coles and Clements were prominent names in Glen Cove

 Photos by Michelle Kutner




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